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Wooden Floor Restoration for Crawley & across Surrey

Do you require wooden floor restoration in Crawley? Whether you have a residential or commercial property, The Wood Floor Restoration Company are on hand. We have the tools and the talent to give your wood flooring a new lease of life.

Wooden Floor Repairs

It’s important that wood flooring is kept in good condition. Frequent foot traffic can compromise the flooring, exposing cracks and scratches. We are on hand to carry out wooden floor repairs in Crawley and can make a full assessment of what is needed by visiting you on-site. If your wood has disease or defects, we can work out what treatments will work best.

Wooden Floor Sanding

We offer sanding treatments to newly laid floors to make them level. It is also an effective treatment for old flooring to strip the old and worn top layer away, removing the scuffs and scratches in the process. Our professional sanding machines will leave you with a beautiful finish and floors looking as good as new.

Kitchen Worktop Restoration

We visit domestic and commercial clients in Crawley to restore kitchen worktops to their former beauty. Over time, wooden worktops can suffer scratches and scrapes. However, this damage is reversible, so we can have them looking as good as new in no time.

Bespoke Carpentry in Crawley

We employ expert carpenters who are out on the road in Crawley performing general and bespoke carpentry. Tell us about your project and we will use our specialist knowledge to best benefit you. We have all the tools of the trade and always go the extra mile.

Our Commitment

At The Wood Floor Restoration company, we are highly respected in the area and our workers are highly knowledgeable professionals. We extend all our services to the people of Crawley and commit ourselves to the task at hand.

Here to Help

If you are in Crawley and interested in any of our services, call us today on 07943813530 and we will be glad to help.
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