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When it comes to wood staining, The Wood Floor Restoration Company have you covered.

Wood staining is a process suitable for any type of wood flooring to change the natural colour of the floorboards. 

The results of staining depend not only on the type of timber but also on its age. That is why results can sometimes vary. Wood varnishers or wood lacquers give your floors a hard-wearing finish.

We are happy to discuss the different options with you and provide sample pieces to review – so you know what results to expect. 

Wood Varnishes & Lacquers in Sutton, Croydon and Surrey

Wood varnishers are usually colourless and can be applied directly to floorboards in their natural state or after wood staining. The treatment adds a hard and durable layer to the wood and its UV protection, which is why they are often used as a top-coat or finish.

Wood lacquers are similar, except they are water-based and come in a range of finishes, matt, silk or gloss. Our wood varnishers can apply wood stains, wood lacquers or wood varnishes, giving you a professional finish every time.

Wood Staining in Sutton and Croydon

When using wood stain, the purpose is not only to alter the colour but to enhance the natural textures and patterns in the wood too. The first stage will be to thoroughly clean your floors and sand them to make the surface as smooth as possible as this helps the wood stain sink fully into the floorboards.

We can stain your wood floors and have a range of colours to choose from, all from trusted brands. When carrying out wood staining services, we take care to give your floorboards an equal coating and protect your walls.

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