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Softwood Floor Sanding for Sutton, Croydon & across Surrey

The Wood Floor Restoration Company are your first stop for Softwood floor sanding.

Although not as hard-wearing as other types of flooring, softwood can last a long time if well looked after. The rustic charm of softwood floors makes them an attractive feature in many homes, though they are prone to scratches and dents through wear and tear.

By stripping away the visible layer of old and damaged wood, your softwood floors will look fully restored. This can be done more than once over the years to give your floors a new lease of life. We use a professional sander to complete the treatment and our experience of softwood floor sanding is second to none.

Experts in Softwood Floor Sanding

Softwood floor sanding is a treatment for newly laid flooring, as well as old floors. When the floor has just been laid, the treatment helps to make sure all the floorboards are level with one another. As a trusted company, The Wood Floor Restoration Company will handle your softwood floors with care and leave you with results worthy of admiration.

A Professional Finish

It is often a surprise to see the results of a freshly-sanded floor, as it looks as good as new. Our sanding treatment removes all the imperfections of your flooring to leave you with a beautiful finish and an improvement on the overall condition of your floors.

Our Commitment

When it comes to softwood floor sanding, The Wood Floor Restoration Company is a name you can trust. The people of Sutton, Croydon and Surrey understand that we put quality at the heart of everything we do and always go above and beyond on each job.

Here to Help

Searching for softwood floor sanding in Sutton or Croydon? Call us today on 07943813530 and we will be glad to help.
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